Dependable results with fewer people, less equipment, and little or no downtime. Reduce or eliminate the requirement for costly engineered scaffolding or rope access technologies.


Invest in the welfare of your employees and contractors. Our technologies reduce human exposure to hazards at height, in confined spaces, toxic environments, and extreme temperatures.


Time is money. First-person, real time footage allows for immediate interpretation of inspection results. High zoom and thermal imaging payload provide thorough results you can count on to make decisions, now.

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At Osprey Integrity we synergize safety and efficiency by delivering UAV solutions for data collection and asset inspection programs. Using first-person, real-time video footage from a variety of advanced imaging sensors we can provide critical inspection results sooner, and more affordably than conventional methods.

Our flight staff is well founded with over five decades of commercial flight operations experience. We pride ourselves on being compliant with Transport Canada regulations today, and have positioned ourselves to adapt readily to impending changes in UAV legislation. Our experience in Canadian aviation regulations, meteorology, airspace structure, safety management, and quality management systems is evident in the work we perform.

When you require an inspection performed to an applicable code, you can count on our network of API and CWB certified inspectors. Whether your concern is your pressure equipment, piping systems, storage or structural inspections, our highly trained and experienced pilots coordinate with inspectors to develop the solution you are looking for.


Osprey Integrity is proud to offer an assortment of services that increase safety and reduce operational risks across a variety of industries. Invest in the welfare of your employees and contractors today, by discovering how our UAV technology is a cost effective method of removing them from the line of fire.

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We are able to offer geo-referenced, digitally reconstructed, 2D and 3D site maps, as well as precise area and volume calculations across ALL of the industries shown above.

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Courtland Penk – Operations Manager

Courtland comes from a strong lineage of aviation professionals. His grandfather served as a tail gunner for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War and his father made his living as a professional airline pilot for more than 40 years. Courtland recalls childhood memories of model aircraft flying and trips in the jump seats of Boeing 737s. At age 12, Courtland enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets where he began developing the professional foundation that would prove instrumental throughout the rest of his aviation career and into today. At age 21, he graduated from the Sault College of Technology with an Advanced Diploma in Aviation Technology, a Certificate in Airline Operations, and a Certificate in Airport Administration. Over the following years, Courtland held positions in flight instruction, fire detection, air ambulance, and corporate environments and furthered his knowledge of the industry culminating in his obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot License. After a slow down in the economy, Courtland made the transition into the world of industrial inspection and quickly sought experience and certification. He began with non-destructive examination, grew into visual inspection, and is now pursuing code-based visual inspection certifications. Courtland has worked from coast-to-coast across Canada, engaging in short-term and long-term projects across a variety of industries. His unique combination of skills and experience has had a profound impact on the way Osprey Integrity delivers quality results and the all-around product that we are proud of.

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